There are loads of bicycle locks to pick from, unfortunately, that doesn’t mean there are loads of quality bicycle locks to pick from. There are different types of bicycle locks but you have to make sure you are getting one which will do its job, and that is to keep your bicycle safe. The wrong decision might make you lose your bicycle and this can be so sad especially if it is an important one.

There are some locks that can successfully keep your bicycle safe but you would have to spend loads of time trying to set things. The rule of picking a quality lock for your bicycle is getting one that is easy to use yet with extreme security.

Abus Granit X-Plus 540

It is a very simple lock for your bicycle and yet provides a great level of security for your bicycle. It is so simple it might attract thieves, unfortunately, they are always caught because they believe they can break it and they can’t actually do. It has a lightweight and has a shackle of 13mm possessing a parabolic square shape. It is a u-shape lock made of quite strong steel.

Kryptonite Kryptolok series two

According to Houston Safe and Lock This is a lock that is perfect for your bicycle if you are on a budget and you need something relatively cheap yet very effective. It has a good weight also and does not become too heavy or too burdensome to carry. It provides good security for your bicycle too as it makes sure it is safe while you go about your activities and packing it somewhere. It has the ability to withstand very big bolt cutters and yet it is easy to use. It is not complicated and if you need something with ease alongside a good level of security, then this is your lock. You should make sure to be at low risk of losing your bicycle before using this lock because it might not withstand very long and very harsh treatments and might be given in to passionate thieves if you give them enough time.

The Kryptonite New York Noose 1275

It features one of the strongest portable chains and this is really great security, it also is great because of the noose system kind of doubles the length of usable chain. Since this is the case, it can be described as short but this is quite good and very important too as it features links of 12mm which keeps these chains at the top limit which is practical to carry around all day long. This is one high-risk bicycle lock for your bicycle and if you are in an area where the theft act occurs or you have had a few experiences then this lock will do just fine.


Abus Bordo 6500


This is quite heavy lock but so is the description of the security, heavy. It features folding steel plates which are very thick having a thickness of 5.5. It very secure and surely would keep your bicycle safe.


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