The fact that you even saw this as a problem or as a concern simply says you are a good person. Telling your children you and your spouse are getting divorced can be a very hard and uncomfortable task. There are many things that can make this task harder and confusing and this involves

The age of the children

Having younger children from the ages of 3 to 7 might be easier because they might be smart, but do not understand much and don’t feel as deep emotions as they should. Older children and teens or adolescents might not take it as easy and as the little children might. Some might even grow some form of hatred or dislike probably because they think you were favored by the law etc.

Closeness to a particular parent

Children of a family get close and bind more with different parent, Some with the mom and others with the dad. If that is the kind of family you have, this could also be a problem the child who is close to the leaving parent might feel pained so much. This could be a problem because that child might also grow some form of dislike for the parent who gets to keep them.

The number of kids

In this case, the fewer the better, as a matter of fact, you should only say this once officially. If you have just one child then talking to them could be very much easy. If they are above two, the problem of telling them increases.


Some things to consider

They might already know.

Sometimes before you even think of telling them they have asked you first if you are getting a divorce and speaking to a family lawyer . If they are too young to understand, then you need to mention it from time to time. They have been in the house and watch the whole tension grow, they might also have heard conversations on the phone, etc.

Don’t paint the other person the bad one

This is one thing many people fail to do or know because they talk through the aping and they are unable to put themselves together. You don’t need to rant about how horrible the other person’s has been or how much they hurt you.


How to tell your kids that you are getting a divorce

 Make sure both parents tell the kids together

This is one of the best ways to part a family without the children having bad feelings towards the other parent. They have to hear things from both parent’s points of view and hear what they have to say.

 Don’t act proud about it

A divorce is not a good thing and you must show that to your children. Don’t try to show them that you are happy about it or say things like it is what you should have done. Act sorry and like you had no choice

 Explain in detail who would be leaving and what the post divorce phase would look like

You need to make things crystal clear to the children and tell them anything they need to know about how the new divorced environment will look like. Do not leave them in the dark, assuming.

 Make sure you practice what to say

You don’t want to go to your children and be blabbing about never-ending pains and emotions. You need to make sure you are in control and don’t lose that control


When to tell your children you are getting a divorce

Now!! Yes. That’s right. The more time you waste the worse it could be. So the right time to tell your children is not later it’s now.

The aged care industry is presently undergoing changes that focus on the quality of care as well as the reporting of clinical results. This article tends to examine how the Aged Care Industry needs to go digital and the making of a policy framework that can bring about maximum advantages to the industry. No doubt that the importance of the health care industry going digital cannot be undermined, most especially when our society has become a global village. Everything involving global societies has become digitalize, hence, the Aged Care Industry is not an exception.

How Does The Aged Care Industry Need To Go Digital?

Almost 90 percent of residential aged care SEO beds are managed using digital information systems, including software that helps in the management of clinical details, medication as well as residential management. About 90 percent of beds are covered by clinical software, and 40 percent for a medication management tool.

The key needs for the uptake of digital solutions in the aged care sector have been government policy and funding needs. In 2005, the Commonwealth implemented a number of initiatives, including framework funding for upgrades to residential aged care facilities. Several facilities used this funding for upgrades to residential ages care facilities. Several facilities utilized this funding around 1000 USD each bed to invest digitalization and most prioritized software systems that help with accreditation reporting and maximize their Aged Care instrument funding.

Digitalization has the main role in helping to address a few key problems in aged care sector:

  • Over 90 percent of aged care have at least one medical-related issue, with an average of 3.2 issues each person. Up to 16 percent of unplanned hospital admissions for aged care facilities are just due to inappropriate medications.
  • Problems with the quality of care are becoming apparent, as emerging via the Royal Commission into Aged care safety and quality. This will lead to an increased focus on enforcing standards and accreditation, lucidity on how providers are performing against these standards, and the need for providers to report meaningfully and perfectly against these measures. As the incoming accreditation levels have lucidity around these measures will also become vital.
  • The transition of care is extreme and inefficient without the transfer of fine quality information both moving from the community and the aged care facility and for planning, emergency hospital admissions.

Key Part Of Digital Technology In Aged Care

As anywhere in the health industry, technology has a key part to play, alongside policy and funding enablers, in helping providers to deliver safer and best quality care to consumers. There’re some key methods for digital health to support aged care sustainability of the industry:

  • Wider use of digital medication management systems: This can help to decrease mistakes and harm to consumers, via perfect documentation of what medications and prescription, and how and when they’re administered to the resident. Connecting medication information virtually among aged care facilities, GPs and pharmacy would widely help to enhance medication safety, such as emergency or planned hospital admissions.
  • Digital database: This has a major role to play in supporting how care is provided and driving compliance and auditing against accreditation standards. Once aged care facilities have the best quality, codified information, it can allow software systems to give alert and decision help for members of the care team, allowing much better-informed decision making.
  • Digital info systems: This s another important aspect that can also facilitate effective health care system, by assuring that family and resident preference are recorded, clear and acted upon by a range of members of the care team.
  • Top-quality data: This will also be the main driver in producing meaningful, robust and transparent reporting. Capturing and reporting data is a by-item of clinical and administrative workflows that will improve data quality and minimize the burden of compliance.
  • Digital technology consumer engagement tools will allow resident information to be accessible by family and caregivers through a digital portal. This application will be a vital engagement system for residents.
  • Over time the ability to provide quality health care needs seems difficult and cumbersome, but with the help of digital Aged Care Industry there would be flexible and efficient clinically operation. More clinically sophisticated info systems will bring about effective management care needs to the health industry. These systems will need to evolve to allow effective management of reporting resident’s data of care results and adherence with care pathways

Policy Makers For The Realization Of Aged Care Industry Needs To Go Digital

The adoption of technical tools alone will not drive quality and efficiency in the aged care industry. In order for better-aged care needs to be realized from digital tech, policy and funding have to be in place:

  1. Aligning aged care accreditation standards reporting needs with quality measurements: Reporting procedure of compliance with standards will drive investment and activity by aged caregivers, including digitalization and data quality. If accreditation standards reporting needs align with quality measures, the efficiency of that reporting will be optimized.
  2. Aligning a funding system, so as to reward aged caregivers using the best quality clinical system, data, and workflow. A major lesson from digital adoption is to leverage clinical and administrative procedures where possible, rather than introduce further needs to capture info for a separate purpose. Support transition and change management.

Support Change Management & Transition

Everyone must ensure they support the digitalization of the aged care industry for top notch service delivery. This system is likely to need aged care provider to undertake organizational and workforce changes. If these changes are to be perfectly implemented, providers will need to support this transition process.

There are loads of bicycle locks to pick from, unfortunately, that doesn’t mean there are loads of quality bicycle locks to pick from. There are different types of bicycle locks but you have to make sure you are getting one which will do its job, and that is to keep your bicycle safe. The wrong decision might make you lose your bicycle and this can be so sad especially if it is an important one.

There are some locks that can successfully keep your bicycle safe but you would have to spend loads of time trying to set things. The rule of picking a quality lock for your bicycle is getting one that is easy to use yet with extreme security.

Abus Granit X-Plus 540

It is a very simple lock for your bicycle and yet provides a great level of security for your bicycle. It is so simple it might attract thieves, unfortunately, they are always caught because they believe they can break it and they can’t actually do. It has a lightweight and has a shackle of 13mm possessing a parabolic square shape. It is a u-shape lock made of quite strong steel.

Kryptonite Kryptolok series two

According to Houston Safe and Lock This is a lock that is perfect for your bicycle if you are on a budget and you need something relatively cheap yet very effective. It has a good weight also and does not become too heavy or too burdensome to carry. It provides good security for your bicycle too as it makes sure it is safe while you go about your activities and packing it somewhere. It has the ability to withstand very big bolt cutters and yet it is easy to use. It is not complicated and if you need something with ease alongside a good level of security, then this is your lock. You should make sure to be at low risk of losing your bicycle before using this lock because it might not withstand very long and very harsh treatments and might be given in to passionate thieves if you give them enough time.

The Kryptonite New York Noose 1275

It features one of the strongest portable chains and this is really great security, it also is great because of the noose system kind of doubles the length of usable chain. Since this is the case, it can be described as short but this is quite good and very important too as it features links of 12mm which keeps these chains at the top limit which is practical to carry around all day long. This is one high-risk bicycle lock for your bicycle and if you are in an area where the theft act occurs or you have had a few experiences then this lock will do just fine.


Abus Bordo 6500


This is quite heavy lock but so is the description of the security, heavy. It features folding steel plates which are very thick having a thickness of 5.5. It very secure and surely would keep your bicycle safe.