The fact that you even saw this as a problem or as a concern simply says you are a good person. Telling your children you and your spouse are getting divorced can be a very hard and uncomfortable task. There are many things that can make this task harder and confusing and this involves

The age of the children

Having younger children from the ages of 3 to 7 might be easier because they might be smart, but do not understand much and don’t feel as deep emotions as they should. Older children and teens or adolescents might not take it as easy and as the little children might. Some might even grow some form of hatred or dislike probably because they think you were favored by the law etc.

Closeness to a particular parent

Children of a family get close and bind more with different parent, Some with the mom and others with the dad. If that is the kind of family you have, this could also be a problem the child who is close to the leaving parent might feel pained so much. This could be a problem because that child might also grow some form of dislike for the parent who gets to keep them.

The number of kids

In this case, the fewer the better, as a matter of fact, you should only say this once officially. If you have just one child then talking to them could be very much easy. If they are above two, the problem of telling them increases.


Some things to consider

They might already know.

Sometimes before you even think of telling them they have asked you first if you are getting a divorce and speaking to a family lawyer . If they are too young to understand, then you need to mention it from time to time. They have been in the house and watch the whole tension grow, they might also have heard conversations on the phone, etc.

Don’t paint the other person the bad one

This is one thing many people fail to do or know because they talk through the aping and they are unable to put themselves together. You don’t need to rant about how horrible the other person’s has been or how much they hurt you.


How to tell your kids that you are getting a divorce

 Make sure both parents tell the kids together

This is one of the best ways to part a family without the children having bad feelings towards the other parent. They have to hear things from both parent’s points of view and hear what they have to say.

 Don’t act proud about it

A divorce is not a good thing and you must show that to your children. Don’t try to show them that you are happy about it or say things like it is what you should have done. Act sorry and like you had no choice

 Explain in detail who would be leaving and what the post divorce phase would look like

You need to make things crystal clear to the children and tell them anything they need to know about how the new divorced environment will look like. Do not leave them in the dark, assuming.

 Make sure you practice what to say

You don’t want to go to your children and be blabbing about never-ending pains and emotions. You need to make sure you are in control and don’t lose that control


When to tell your children you are getting a divorce

Now!! Yes. That’s right. The more time you waste the worse it could be. So the right time to tell your children is not later it’s now.

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